Menlo Mock Trial is an academic team at Menlo School that competes in realistic civil and criminal trials each year against other high schools across the nation in a series of highly competitive tournaments. Menlo is frequently recognized as one of the top mock trial teams both in California and throughout the country.

Menlo has won titles at the local level (we’ve won the past 14 San Mateo County Championships), at the state level (we’ve won the State Championship multiple times), at the national level (22nd place in 2019, 4th place in 2014, American Title in 2009), and even at the world level (the 2016 Individual Mock Trial Champion was MMT’s Andy Parker; the 2018 Individual Mock Trial Champion was MMT’s Tiffany Tam). Menlo’s Junior Varsity Team has ranked first or second at every JV County Competition while also being a strong force at the annual NorCal Invitational.

MMT — both at the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels — is a highly competitive, educational and fun activity for students of all grades. The teams work with our dedicated coaching staff to improve their speaking, acting, writing skills over the course of their time at Menlo School. With over a decade of championship-caliber teams, MMT also has an extensive alumni network of supporters who are involved with the team throughout the year.