2012-2013 Results

Summary: In 2012-2013, Menlo finished in 3rd place in California. Other highlights included its 5th County Championship, a 2nd place NorCal finish, and a 1st place finish at Providence (for the second straight year).

Team Results:

  • CA State: 3rd Place
  • San Mateo County: 1st Place
  • NorCal Tournament: 2nd Place
  • Providence Tournament: 1st Place

Individual Results:

  • CA State: n/a
  • San Mateo County: Nick Batchelder (Best Trial Attorney), Allie Miller (Pre-Trial Finalist), Kate Park (Trial Attorney Finalist)
  • NorCal Tournament: Allie Miller (Pre-Trial Prosecution 1st Place), Andy Parker (Pre-Trial Defense 1st Place), Helena Abbott (Witness Liu 2nd Place), Noah Listgarten (Witness Decamp 2nd Place), Simran Arora (Witness Berard 2nd Place), Nick D’Alencon (Witness Vega 3rd Place), Clerk (1st Place), Bailiff (3rd Place)
  • Providence Tournament: Dan Devitt (Best Coach)