2013-2014 Results

Summary: In 2013-2014, Menlo won its first California State Championship and finished in 4th place at the National Championship. Other highlights included its 6th County Championship, a 4th place NorCal finish, and a 2nd place finish at Providence.

Team Results:

  • Nationals: 4th Place
  • CA State: 1st Place
  • San Mateo County: 1st Place
  • NorCal Tournament: 4th Place
  • Providence Tournament: 2nd Place

Individual Results:

  • Nationals: Mackenzie Bressie (Best Witness)
  • CA State: Kathryn Hurd (Best Witness)
  • San Mateo County: Kate Park (Best Attorney), Allie Miller (Best Pre-Trial Attorney) & Tara Saha (Witness Finalist)
  • NorCal Tournament: Kate Park (Prosecution Attorney 1st Place), Christina Wadsworth (Defense Attorney 1st Place), JB Horsley (Witness Perkins 2nd Place), Allie Miller (Pre-Trial Defense 3rd Place), Chris Crouch (Witness Doherty 3rd Place), Mackenzie Bressie (Witness McAllister 3rd Place)