2014-2015 Results

At the Providence Tournament, Menlo won its 3rd Championship in the last 4 years, this time over American Heritage of Florida with a 5-0 undefeated record in Colorado. This brought Menlo’s current win-streak against non-CA teams to 8 in a row. At the NorCal Tournament, Menlo won back the tournament trophy for the first time since 2012. At the County level, Menlo went undefeated for its 5th consecutive year, earning its 7th championship in 8 years. At the state level, Menlo finished in 8th place – one of only two programs in the entire state to currently be Top 10 finishers for two years in a row (Menlo is now at 5 years in a row).

Team Results:

  • CA State Championship: 8th Place
  • San Mateo County: 1st Place
  • NorCal Tournament: 1st Place
  • Providence Tournament: 1st Place

Individual Results:

  • MMT Team MVP: Andy Parker
  • Gladiator: Andy Parker (2nd), Colton Conley (7th, and Top Ranked Witness)
  • CA State Championship: Mackenzie Bressie (Witness Award, Charlie Gibbons)
  • San Mateo County: Allie Miller (Attorney Certificate), JB Horsley (Witness Certificate)
  • NorCal Tournament: Sadie Bronk (1st Place Witness McCullouch), Lauren Henske (1st Place, Witness Barron) Claire Horsley (1st Place, Witness Worcester), JB Horsley (1st Place Witness Little), Rebecca Schoch (2nd Place, Witness Gibbons), Jennifer Scott (2nd Place, Clerk), Tiffany Tam (Prosecution Attorney Top 7 Finalist).
  • Providence Tournament: Andy Parker (Attorney Honorable Mention), Mackenzie Bressie (Witness Honorable Mention)