2016 – 2017 Results

The 2016-2017 season concluded with the team as Providence Champions (3 in a row), NorCal Finalists, County Champions (7 in a row), State 5th Place, and 3 Gladiator Honorable Mentions.

Team Results:

  • Providence: 1st Place (Undefeated)
  • NorCal: 2nd (Menlo A), and 11th (Menlo B)
  • County – JV Competition: 1st Place (Undefeated)
  • County – Varsity: 1st Place (Undefeated)
  • State: 5th Place
  • Gladiator: Tiffany Tam (Honorable Mention), Jacob Julian-Kwong (Honorable Mention), Colton Conley (Honorable Mention)

Individual Results:

  • NorCal: For Menlo A, Colton Conley finished 5th place for defense attorneys, Ishani Thakur finished 3rd for prosecution pre-trial attorneys, Anika Padwekar finished 3rd for her Officer West portrayal, Natalia Cordon finished 1st for her Greyjoy portrayal (and ranked first in the whole tournament among witnesses), Toni Rende finished 3rd as clerk, and Mia Rosenblatt finished 2nd as bailiff. For Menlo B, Ethan Yan finished 3rd for defense pre-trial attorneys, and Vivian Liu finished 2nd for her portrayal of Frey. Tiffany Tam (prosecution trial attorney), Claire Horsley (Awbrey), Melody Zhou (Blake), and Ashli Jain (defense pre-trial) all picked up honorable mention awards for Menlo A as well.
  • County: Ishani Thakur (Plaque, Pre-Trial); Claire Horsley (Certificate, Witness); Natalia Cordon, Ashli Jain, Tiffany Tam and Colton Conley (Honorable Mention)
  • State: Natalia Cordon (State Award, Best Witness)
  • Gladiator: All three MMT competitors finished with honorable mention status, continuing Menlo’s track record of every single competitor in MMT history finishing with a winning record at the tournament. Colton Conley finished with a 10.33, Jacob Julian-Kwong with a 10.66, and Tiffany Tam with a whopping 12.33 (the highest score of any MMT competitor at Gladiator other than eventual champion Andy Parker). Tiffany also had the highest strength of schedule of any competitor in Gladiator history.