2017-2018 Results

The 2017-2018 season culminated in Tiffany Tam winning the Gladiator Individual World Championship, Menlo’s 2nd in three years.

Team Results:

  • Providence: 3rd/4th Place (Two Teams, Undefeated)* | Professionalism Award
  • NorCal: Varsity 1st Place | JV 11th Place
  • County – JV Competition: 1st Place (8-0)
  • County – Varsity: 1st Place (10-0)
  • State: 14th (2-2), with a close 4th round loss to the State Champ
  • Gladiator: 1st Place (Tiffany Tam), and 15th Place Honorable Mention (Luke Arnold)

*Menlo took two teams, both finished a perfect 4-0, but lost spots in the Championship on total point tiebreak.

Individual Results:

  • Providence: Mara Lebovitz (Honorable Mention Witness), Libby Eggemeier (3rd Place Witness)
  • NorCal:
    • Pre-Trial Attorney: Ashli Jain (1st, Defense), Surya Nathan (2nd, Defense) and Ethan Yan (3rd, Prosecution).
    • Trial Attorney: Makayla Conley (1st, Defense), and Tiffany Tam (2nd, Prosecution).
    • Witness: Toni Rende (1st, Rodriguez), Adley Vogel (2nd, Bonderman), Rishi Varma (2nd, Moreno), Mara Lebovitz (2nd, Williams), Olivia Velten-Lomelin (3rd, Carroll), Ben Shaw (3rd, Davidson), William Akis (Honorable Mention), and Melody Zhou (Honorable Mention.
    • Support: Madeline Levin (1st Place, Clerk)
  • County:
    • Plaque: Tiffany Tam (Top Trial Attorney, Record # of Nominations by any student, any year).
    • Certificate: Makayla Conley, Trial Attorney
    • Honorable Mention, Olivia Velten-Lomelin (Witness), Ashli Jain (Pre-Trial), Ethan Yan (Pre-Trial)
  • State:
    • No individual awards; Arnav Bhagat perfect-scored his role
  • Gladiator: 1st Place (Tiffany), and 15th Place Honorable Mention (Luke Arnold)