MMT at the College Level

This past weekend Menlo had a strong presence at the American Mock Trial Collegiate National Championships.

For the first time in MMT history, there were three alumni competing at the National Championships: Allie Miller (c/o 2016), JB Horsley (c/o 2016), and Andy Parker (c/o 2017).

Allie Miller (Yale-B) and JB Horsley (Stanford) each helped their teams reach a Top 10 finish. Andy Parker – who holds the record for most awards ever received as a Menlo competitor, and who won the Gladiator Individual World Championships in his senior year at Menlo – brought Yale to the National Championship Trial, and is now an All-American Attorney. He is the first All-American at the collegiate level to have come from Menlo, and he achieved this special honor as a freshman.

Separately, MMT Head Coach Thom Scher – who became Head Coach for Stanford’s Program this year – led the Stanford team to only its second Top 10 finish ever.

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