MMT Gladiator Results

MMT went down south to compete at the 3rd Annual Gladiator Tournament, the Individual World Championships for Mock Trial. Menlo continued its trend of being one of the best represented at the tournament; while MMT received multiple qualifiers, the final team that went to the tournament included Colton Conley (c/o 2017), Jacob Julian-Kwong (c/o 2017), Tiffany Tam (c/o 2018) and then Sam Rosenberg as a field understudy/alternate (c/o 2019).

This was Colton’s third time at the tournament, tying for most appearances all-time by an individual competitor. He went in with hopes of defending Andy Parker’s World Champion title from 2016. It was Jacob and Tiffany’s first time attending.

Gladiator, as always, had a brutally competitive field. 48 students came from across the USA (and Canada), including prior and defending State/National/Providence/Empire champions. Over a third of the field had competed at Nationals; over a quarter had made an Empire Final. The awards and qualifications of the field were staggering. The tournament prep is only 3 weeks, and over the course of those three weeks, Menlo was honored to have 50+ alumni/coaches/parents come in to help the team prepare. 

All three MMT competitors finished with honorable mention status, continuing Menlo’s track record of every single competitor in MMT history finishing with a winning record at the tournament. Colton finished with a 10.33, Jacob with a 10.66, and Tiffany with a whopping 12.33 (the highest score of any MMT competitor at Gladiator other than eventual champion Andy Parker). Tiffany also had the highest strength of schedule of any competitor in Gladiator history.

Colton opened the tournament with a disappointing loss to a competitor from Rockhurst, Missouri, but came back from early losses to deliver two strong rounds (including a blowout over an Arizona competitor in the 3rd round) and finish with an Honorable Mention. Jacob was in the top-ranked match in the 4th round (in Division 1), and was in contention for the semi-final. Tiffany Tam was one of the highest ranked competitors throughout the weekend – amassing a shocking 6.33/7 blowout in the 2nd round, winning Rounds 1 and 2 handily, and then facing eventual champion Audrey Shepard in the 4th round. Tiffany’s sole loss was to the eventual champion.

While Colton and Jacob have just graduated, Tiffany will return to Menlo for her Senior season, and Sam will seek to take the training and apply it for the next two years.

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