2018-2019 Results

Current as of 6/13/19

  • NorCal: Menlo A 1st Place | Menlo B 8th Place
  • County: 1st Place (10-0)
  • State: 1st Place (5-0)
  • Nationals: 22nd Place (2-2)

*The 2018-2019 team is the first team in MMT history to remain undefeated through the state competition in March. This includes NorCal, County, and State.

Individual Results

  • NorCal:
    • Pre-Trial Attorney: Ashli Jain (3rd, Defense), Ethan Yan (Honorable, Prosecution), and Maya Julian-Kwong (Honorable, Prosecution).
    • Trial Attorney: Luke Arnold (Honorable, Prosecution), Diya Baliga (Honorable, Prosecution), Madeline Levin (Honorable, Defense), and Ishani Sood (Honorable, Defense).
    • Witness: Olivia Velten-Lomelin (1st, Lopez), Mackenzie Ford (1st, Sawyer), Emma McGaraghan (2nd, Patterson), William Akis (2nd, Williams), Uma Misha (2nd, Sawyer), Meera Rajagopal (2nd, Klein), and Ella Marks (Honorable).
    • Support: Jacob Halabe (1st, Clerk), Jackson Kunde (2nd, Bailiff)
  • County
    • Plaque: Ethan Yan (Pre-Trial)
    • Certificate: Ashli Jain (Pre-Trial), Meredith Fenyo (Trial Attorney)