2019-2020 Results

Current as of 6/22/20

  • NorCal: Varsity 1st Place | Menlo B 12th Place
  • County: Varsity 1st Place (10-0) | JV 2nd Place (8-2)

Note: Though Menlo qualified for the state tournament, the 2020 California competition was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Individual Results


  • Pre-Trial Attorney: Ethan Yan (1st, Prosecution), Diya Baliga (1st, Defense), Helen Barkley (2nd, Defense), Alex Levitt (3rd, Prosecution)
  • Trial Attorney: Madeline Levin (3rd, Prosecution), Penelope Stinson (Honorable, Prosecution), Meredith Fenyo (Honorable, Defense), Leo Jergovic (Honorable, Defense), Abigail Becker (Honorable, Defense)
  • Witness: Mackenzie Ford (1st, Desi Kunstler), Emma McGaraghan (1st, Val Glick)*, Alea Marks (1st, Jules Jackson), Olivia Velten-Lomelin (2nd, Micah Eisenberg), Tessa Frantz (2nd, Val Glick)

*A Menlo witness has held the record for the highest scoring NorCal witness for the past four years. Emma McGaraghan currently holds the record with 46/50 ballots, breaking the record of Menlo’s Mackenzie Ford, who won 43/50 ballots. Alumna Natalia Cordon held the record prior to Mackenzie with 41/50 ballots.


  • Diya Baliga: Pre-Trial Certificate
  • Madeline Levin: Prosecution Attorney Plaque
  • Grace Tang: 2nd Place Courtroom Artist