2020 MVP Award: Meredith Fenyo

This tribute to Senior Meredith Fenyo was written by Ethan Yan, 2019 MVP Award recipient

Although the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly ended the 2019-20 Menlo Mock Trial season, the team gathered virtually at the end of May to celebrate the year. This season, the Varsity team collected championships at the 2019 Providence Cup, 2020 NorCal Mock Trial Invitational, and 2020 County tournament, while the Junior Varsity team—led for the first time by William Kwong and Kathy Julian—had impressive performances at NorCal (12th) and County (2nd). After tributes to the coaches and seniors, the celebration concluded with the announcement of the 2020 Chris Lagod MVP Award winner: Meredith Fenyo.

After an illustrious four-year career, Meredith occupies rarefied air amidst a long history of distinguished MMT team members. While on the Junior Varsity team—first as a Defense middle trial attorney and later as a Prosecution pre-trial attorney—she won two County titles and impressed with her delivery of short, incisive cross-examinations, command of legal terminologies and caselaw, and sophisticated understanding of the pertinent concepts. As a sophomore, she also made her debut on the Varsity team, serving as the unofficial timer at States. After becoming a Varsity trial attorney the following year, Meredith became the second Junior to win a Trial Attorney Certificate at the County competition (after Kate Park in 2013) and the first Junior to double as a trial attorney at States, leading the Defense team to victory in the State Finals. To cap off the season, she closed at the National Championships, receiving a Star Attorney award from an opposing team in the process.

Although cut short, her senior season was even more impressive. She was the Defense closer throughout the year, becoming the second MMTer to do so in back-to-back years (after Mary Hanley in 2009-11). Following a winning performance at the Providence Cup, Meredith once again helped deliver a NorCal victory, securing an honorable mention attorney award in the process. On the way to defending MMT’s County title in 2020, Meredith’s Round 2 performance was one of the most dominant in MMT history. She became only the second MMT trial attorney (after Tiffany Tam in 2018) to receive perfect scores of 10 from both scorers for all of her performances: two cross examinations, one direct examination, and one closing argument. All in all, during Meredith’s tenure as a Varsity trial attorney, MMT won two NorCal titles, two County titles, one State title, and one Providence title. Furthermore, Meredith graduates with a perfect 25-0 record as a CRF Defense closer, the best record in the history of MMT trial attorneys!

Yet if there is anything more impressive than Meredith’s aforementioned achievements, it is the way in which she went about them; Meredith’s MMT career was defined as much by perseverance and determination as it was by victory. She first became a closing attorney less than one week before the 2019 NorCal tournament, learning new examinations and a closing argument when sickness forced a roster reshuffle. Not to be outdone, she then succumbed to illness herself a day before NorCals in 2020. Despite being far from 100%, Meredith still helped secure a team title and won an individual accolade. But more than these anecdotes, Meredith has been the consummate team member, role model, and leader. She inspires others with her constant desire to improve, mastery of the rules of evidence, remarkable extemporaneity, rhetorical flair, and most of all, her selfless dedication to her teammates.

The Menlo Mock Trial Program could not be prouder of Meredith for winning the 2020 MVP award and would like to offer our immense congratulations to her. We are grateful for all she has contributed to the team and wish her well this summer at Gladiator and in all of her future endeavors.

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