NorCal History

Menlo co-hosts the NorCal tournament with Stanford Mock Trial. The tournament has been held at Menlo School for 9 years, excluding NorCal 2021, which was held online. In the last 10 years, the tournament has grown from a small scrimmage series to a power-matched invitational with some of the top teams in California and many wait-listed teams interested in competing.

Below are the results for the last 11 years.

  • 2021 Results (Champion: Menlo School)
  • 2020 Results (Champion: Menlo School)
  • 2019 Results (Champion: Menlo School)
  • 2018 Results (Champion: Menlo School)
  • 2017 Results (Champion: Trinity Pacific Christian School)
  • 2016 Results (Champion: Tamalpais High)
  • 2015 Results (Champion: Menlo School)
  • 2014 Results (Champion: Tamalpais High)
  • 2013 Results (Champion: Tamalpais High)
  • 2012 Results (Champion: Menlo School)
  • 2011 Results (Champion: Menlo School)