UPDATE 9/6/21: This page now reflects general tryout information for the 2021-2022 season. The tryout packet and signup sheet are available below.

The 2021 Tryout Packet is available here.

The 2021 Tryout Signup Sheet is available here.

*** Menlo Mock Trial Tryout Details ***

Tryout Schedule 2021-2022

All events are in person with the exception of the MMT Parent Info Session, which will be held on Zoom. 

  • MMT Student Info-Session (Lunch): September 2, 12 PM in Room A146  
    • What is mock trial? What is MMT? Hear from current participants about their experience
  • MMT Tryout Packet Release (Evening):September 6, via email  
    • Full information for the tryout available to interested students  
  • MMT Parent Info-Session (Evening): September 8, 7PM-8PM on Zoom  
  • MMT Tryout Demo and Practice Session (EVENING 6-8 PM): September 7, in A146  
    • Menlo coaches and returning students will help underclassmen with tryout material  
  • MMT Tryout Drop-In Practice Sessions (LUNCH): September 10, 13, and 17, in A146  
    • Mr. Bush and returning students will walk students through tryouts, provide advice, show demos, and  answer questions)  
  • MMT Tryout Demo and Practice Session (EVENING 6-8 PM): September 14, in A146  
    • Menlo coaches and returning students will help underclassmen with tryout material 
  • MMT Tryouts: September 18, 9AM-5PM in A146 
    • Students signup for a 5 minute slot here 
  • MMT Roster Announcement: by September 19th, 5PM via email 
    • This roster is the preliminary, first roster of the year. There will be revisions as the year goes on

You do NOT have to attend all of the tryout practice sessions. These are optional. You can decide to come in for a brief period of time as well. For example, you do not need to come in for all 2 hours on September 14th.

Tryout Process:

Tryouts are Saturday, September 18th. Contact Jay Bush ( immediately if you cannot tryout on the 18th. The  average tryout is about 5 minutes, features 4 brief parts, and is conducted in front of a coach’s panel. At the end of the tryout day, the coaches release rosters with general roles (witness, attorney, pretrial), and an initial assignment to the  Varsity or JV team. Depending on the turnout, some students, unfortunately, do not make the team in any capacity. 

MMT offers multiple tryout practice sessions for students seeking advice/feedback. These sessions will include demos of  the tryout material, Q&A with our coaches, and opportunities for students to perform their tryout material and receive  feedback. These sessions are not required but are encouraged.  

Students who make the team will begin training on the California Case, released the week of tryouts.  The tryout signup sheet is available here

What is performed at the tryout (more info in the packet):

  • Part I, Introductions and Forms (available in packet)
  • Part II, Pre-Scripted Performance: (chosen from 4 options)
  • Part III, 60s Selection Performance: (inspired by prompts)
  • Part IV, Discussion: (with the coaches following performance)

What should I choose for Parts II and III?

Want to have any role? Want to be an attorney? Want to be a witness?
PART II Attorney Option 1 OR 2 Attorney Option 1 OR 2 Witness Option 1A/B OR 2A/B
PART III 60s Monologue A 60s Argument 60s Monologue

Summarize the tryout?

Sign up for a tryout slot before tryouts. Prepare for your tryout. Consider coming to practice sessions. Send in your forms  before the tryout. Show up on 9/18/21 at your designated time. Relax, be enthusiastic, and be yourself. Deliver Part II and  Part III. Roll with the punches and have fun!